There are lots of times where you simply just can’t fish. Maybe the weather is awful, you don’t have time to go to your favorite fishing hole, or simply the fish just aren’t biting. These are great times to play a bit of ping pong! And, if you like the game a lot, this article will help you to become a better player.

Are you a table tennis enthusiast and desire to be notified about some tactics that can help you become a pro in playing the game? If yes, this text will give you some crucial information that will enhance you understanding and knowledge about table tennis, and hence tremendously increase your chances of becoming a winner when playing the game against any competitor. Also, referred as ping-pong, table tennis is a sporting activity played by either two or four people whereby the players involved hit a lightweight ball across a table, back and forth, using small rackets. It is a game played on a strong table which is separated by a net. 

Most table tennis enthusiasts having the desire of advancing their standards of playing the game are not always able to play ping-pong accordingly either because they do not have the right ping-pong facilities or are not well-informed about the rules of the game. If you are a beginner ping-pong player, the first thing you need to do in your attempt to become a pro in playing the game is ensuring you purchase the right equipment that are of high-quality, and which will help in not only giving you extremely desirable playing outcomes, but also make you have an easier time when participating in the game. 

Once you have secured the right ping-pong facilities, the next thing on your to do list in your attempt to enhance your table tennis skills should be mastering all the rules that govern players participating in the game. 

How to Choose your Table Tennis Facilities

If you are purchasing ping-pong facilities for the first time, you may encounter a difficult time when determining what equipment are the correct ones to buy since you will have a bewildering range of options. Therefore, it is vital for you to carry out your homework properly prior to buying any equipment from your area based ping-pong equipment seller. A good research procedure will assist you note the right facilities that you require as a beginner table tennis player and hence protect you from going for costly facilities that you may not require now. Courtesy of research, you will also be able to succeed in finding quality table tennis facilities from a purveyor that is legit and strictly selling original ping-pong equipment. Here are some tricks that can help you find the best table tennis facilities that are vital for your playing needs:

Step 1: Looking for the Must Have Things

To begin playing ping-pong, the minimum you will require is a ping-pong table, a racket and a supply of ping-pong balls. However, as your standard of the game eventually improve tremendously overtime beyond a starter’s level, there are other table tennis facilities you will need. 

As a beginner table tennis player, if necessary it is appropriate you buy also appropriate table tennis clothing such as a suitable ping-pong shirt, skirt or short, and the table tennis shoes. 

Step 2: Looking for the Right Racket

Your choice of ping-pong racket is among the most essential decisions you will make. This is because how you advance from one level to another as a ping-pong player will significantly be determined by the kind of racket you will be using. It is thus ideal you look for a type of racket complementing your style of table tennis game. 

Step 3: Choosing the Best Table Tennis Table

If you will consider purchasing a ping-pong table, there are several factors you will need to consider since the tables are available in a wide array of choices with varying uses. For instance, there are some types of table tennis tables that are designed to be utilized outdoors while others are intended for indoor occasions. However, whatever the kind of table tennis table you consider purchasing, it should be made of high quality materials and hence durable so that it can serve you for many months or years without replacement. 
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Rules for Playing Table Tennis

#1: Controlling the Ball

As a ping-pong player facing an opponent, you must allow the ball you are using during the game, and which is played toward you to bounce one time on your side of the table prior to touching it. Once the ball bounces, you should use your racket to return it to the opposite side of the table so that it can bounce at least once on the other side. 

#2: Scoring a Point

During the game, you will be awarded a point once your opponent fails to return the ball as stated in rule #1. 

How to Improve your Table Tennis Playing Skills

1. Knowing What Kind of Spin is coming from your Opponent

When facing your opponent in a ping-pong game, you should always watch carefully your opponent’s racket anytime it contacts the ball. If the racket of your opponent is moving from;

*Low to High

This indicates the spin coming your way is topspin

*High to Low

This shows the spin to expect is backspin

2. Compensating for the Spin Using your Racket Angle

In case of a topspin kind of spin, adjust your racket angle to face downward and touch the ball above its middle area. However, if it is a backspin, your leading racket should be angled to face upward and touch the ball underneath its center. 

3. Utilizing your Entire Body When Stroking your Forehand

Ensure you rotate your shoulders and hips backwards throughout the back-swing then onward into the ping-pong ball while stroking your forehand. This movement is systematized with a move of your entire body weight from the backward foot to the forepart foot. Be informed the harder you will hit your forehand when controlling the ball, the more forceful the body weight transfer should be. 

4. Maintaining a Proper Ready Position

A proper ready position is a posture preparing your body to instantly move in any direction. It is essential when playing the game you position yourself in a manner that you are flexible enough to control the ball coming from any direction in the right way.

Bottom Line

In addition to mastering the tricks on how to become a pro ping-pong player and buying the right equipment for the game, you should also develop a habit of exercising frequently so that you can perfect your skills overtime.