For wrestling to be interesting, each one must have a gimmick. It would be hard to get the audience’s interest just by having a great body and good mic skills. Thus, you would need a gimmick to get the attention of bookers. There are some wrestlers who used outrageous gimmicks such as caddies, vampires and even garbage guys. None of these gimmicks were actually successful. Nobody has ever tried being a plumber but that would be really fun.

Imagine a plumber going to the wrestling ring and addressing the entire audience. It depends on the mic skills of the wrestler as all-time greats such as The Rock and Chris Jericho could be given terrible gimmicks and they would still succeed. They know how to make things work even if you would give them gimmicks that are too impossible. When the plumber approaches the ring, why not use a monkey wrench and a screwdriver as a weapon.

It would be doubtful if big sweaty men would get hurt by small tools such as that but it would be fun to watch. Right now, WWE is packed full of bright gimmicks that a lady could play this role. In fact, a lady plumber would be sexy even though you don’t have girls who have that job too much. It is hard to enough a wrestler plumber getting a main event push if it does not connect with the crowd. That is the most important thing as it would pay the company favors as fans could help by buying the wrestler’s merchandise. However, stranger things have happened as many people who nobody would ever think would headline a pay per view would actually do.

As they say, anything can happen in wrestling so it would be a big chance of scenery for anybody would do a horrendous gimmick. Being a plumber is not exactly horrendous since it could be a good babyface gimmick if done right. Besides, a plumber fixes problems and that could play a role in today’s society. Besides, how could you fix today’s issues without getting help from the right people?

It is not advisable for wrestlers to choose a plumber gimmick. It really depends on the built of the wrestler. When you are a small cruiserweight, it will probably not fit you. However, the gimmick would be a great fit if you are like a 6’7 guy with a muscular built. Yes, people will believe that you are actually a plumber and you just took a break from your plumbing duties to become a professional wrestler. It would be great for the plumber to use a lead pipe as a weapon as that would always work.

You need to gauge how the audience would react to the gimmick. There are some wrestling fans who would react to you by giving you suggestions on the Internet. Beware of the many haters on the Internet though. All you need to do is to ignore the haters and concentrate on what you love doing. After all, you are going to be feuding with another wrestler and the feud should make sense. The feud should get a lot of people interested before you would get a title shot. Besides, you can’t get a title shot on your first night no matter how good you are.

That rarely happens and when it does, it is usually because of backstage politics. The wrestler may have family ties that you can’t really deny. When that happens, the wrestler would step over those who have been in the business for a long time. It is such a shame to prioritize wrestlers like those because there are wrestlers who go to the gym day in and night out just to become the next big thing.

Unfortunately, that can’t be enough as you still need to go through a bunch of obstacles to become the best in the world. Having a plumber gimmick won’t be a good thing but it will be challenging. When you make it work, you are going to be proud of yourself when you finally call it quits. Imagine being called one of the greatest ever and you started out with a plumber gimmick (loodgieter Rotterdam spoed) that nobody thought would work.